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Are you a small business and want to have an excellent online presence?

Does your business and/or the thought of building an online presence make you stressed out? Do you want more free time to do what you love? If the answer is yes, you're in the right place to have that problem solved for you. I have been developing Luigi Solutions for 4 years behind the scenes by teaching myself about business and website development/design. I started building the skill of web development by building free websites for people. I specialize in website design and development on the Wix platform. Luigi Solutions now delivers premium websites done for you fast, social media management, SEO services and a personalized roadmap for each individual client. We personalize each roadmap because we understand every clients needs are different and want to get you what you want . Connect with us by scheduling a short zoom call with the button above for a personalized solution to your specific problem(s). Websites and other channels of an online presence are very important for a business. A few reasons they are important including but not limited to: Increased credibility and trust with customers, new customers (even for an established business), increase in customers, more channels for a sale, branding, plus many more reasons. These reasons directly effect the success and livelihood of a business. Imagine how good it would feel if you had less stress from your business problems, had the results/success you deserve AND had more free time to do what you want?  Key point: most web developers will charge tens of thousands of dollars and beyond for a website.  p.s.  We're offering a 30 day moneyback guarantee of 50% of the purchase because I'm confident in how great this service is.


We’re here to make your life easier, solve problems and deliver results.

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Innovative Solutions

We Help brands develop, grow and define their voice by providing one or many services as a solution to achieve every clients goals . The times may have changed, but our love for data based improvements for results and problem-solving hasn't. We’re driven by innovation to ensure we fulfill our key mission of providing value for our clients and increase their success. Get in touch so that we can evaluate your problems and to see if we can help you with one or many of our solutions. From there together we will determine what service best fits you and your desired results and provide you with the most value we can. Contact us with your preferred method of contact. -Phone: 231-620-1078 (text or call)-Email: Page: Luigi Solutions
-Instagram: link at bottom of this website

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